What’s The Difference Between A Membership And a Course?

Get this wrong and it could bite you in the ass. Now you don’t need to pick between a course or membership.


They are the perfect combo. And to be successful I believe you should have a mix of both.


But, you have to understand the differences between them.


A course delivers a defined body of knowledge over a specific period of time. It is great for transferring knowledge from you to your audience.


Most courses have 5-7 modules delivered over a similar number of weeks. The problem is that most people can’t just take knowledge, instantly implement it and start seeing results.


That’s where membership comes in.


Your membership helps people implement knowledge and make lasting changes over time.


You see our results are a reflection of our habits, not our knowledge. A membership helps people develop the habits that are required to make effective use of the knowledge shared in a course.


And if you want to build the habits required to launch and scale an online business make sure to check out some of my other videos on lead generation strategies for course creators and membership site owners.

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