What Is A Landing Page?

If you want to attract email subscribers, you have to offer something of real value to people in exchange for their email addresses.


This “valuable asset” is called a lead magnet. To capture their email address you need a landing page.


The landing page or opt-in page verbalizes the value of the lead magnet.


It has one key focus, to motivate and convince people that what you have to offer is of greater value than giving you their email address.


Now, this might sound silly, but most people don’t want even more marketers filling up their inboxes.


We have to look at being invited into someone’s email inbox as an honor.


So our landing page or opt-in page needs to be highly focused and built specifically to convince people that what they are going to get far outweighs the inconvenience of more emails.


Once we have convinced them of this we then need the ability to collect and transfer their email address back to our email platform and deliver the lead magnet to them.


So make sure you find out how to do this in my upcoming series on landing pages.


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