Unlocking the Power of Quiz Funnel Strategies


A well-optimized quiz funnel is the lowest cost lead generation asset you can develop. 


There are 3 quiz frameworks: Type, Killer and Score. 


The “Type” quiz fits perfectly with Dayna’s subject.


We all want to know what category we fit into. 


As parents, we are especially interested in what category our child falls into.


Despite our desires for our child to be unique and one of a kind.


Dayna does a great job of balancing this on her quiz opt-in page.


Immediately people visiting the page are hit with a countdown timer. 


This increases the urgency to take action now and triggers scarcity.


The entire copy for the page is just 39 words. 


It’s not the number of words that matters but the impact of the words.


Beautiful use of social proof above the fold here, blending both media outlets with mass appeal like USA Today and Lifehacker with niche-specific ones like Institute of Child Psychology and Parents.


One of the reasons why quiz funnels get such low-cost conversions is due to the sunk cost principle.


The quiz begins immediately, asking questions about you and your situation. 


This stokes self-interest.


It isn’t until the end of the quiz that you are asked for your email address. 


At that stage, you have answered all the questions. You have sunk effort into completing the quiz. 


Now to get the results, you need to enter your email address. 


Consistency will force you to follow through and supply your email address.

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