Unlock the Power of AI Chatbots for Course Creators

Unlock the Power of AI Chatbots for Course Creators


Over the past 3 to 4 months I’ve been experimenting with Poe.com.

Poe.com is an AI Chatbot similar to ChatGPT.

Here at L.A.U.N.C.H., we try to prevent subscription creep at all times, but this is definitely a low-cost subscription that we think you may love.

The big benefit of Poe.com is that it gives you access to the majority of the popular language models.

Each language model has certain limitations placed on it by its developers.

This means that some services are better at writing marketing copy while others are better at writing long-form copy, and others have stronger content filters, which makes their outputs more generic.

When you log into Poe.com, you can select the model you want to chat with.

So now, with a little research, you can make sure you are using the best tool for the job.

Poe.com also lets you create CustomGPTs and lets you share your GPTs with others.

Poe.com has turned this into an extensive library of highly specialized bots for you to explore and use.  

Just some of the models Poe.com gives you access to include:

  • GPT-4 
  • Claude100k (75,000 words)
  • DALL-E-3
  • StableDiffusionXL
  • ChatGPT4
  • ChatGPT4-32k (24,000 words)
  • Llama2

Poe.com is the swiss army knife of AI Chatbots. And at the same monthly price as ChatGPT it’s well worth checking out.

We’ve been very impressed with its useability and outputs.

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