Understanding Quiz Opt-in Pages Tactics

Quiz opt-in page

Let’s take a look at a Marie Forleo Quiz opt-in page.


The Quiz is a lead generator for her Time Genius Program that launches in September.


This isn’t Marie’s best copy.


“Are bad habits costing you massive cash” doesn’t flow smoothly.


On the positive side:

  • Questions make great headlines. We are conditioned to answer questions even if they are asked on paper. This instantly starts a conversation in your visitors head.
  • The headline uses loss aversion. This is the strongest motivator for people. 
  • I love how Marie has come up with a way of calculating a dollar amount for the what your bad habits are costing you. If you’re bad habits cost you $20,000 a year and Marie has a course for $2,000 that will stop your bad habits of course you will buy it.
  • Learn how to EARN more by working LESS – Increasing primary promise – decreasing work required to get it. This formula works.


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