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One of the biggest problems for people in the Personal Development space is making their promise concrete and specific. Healing your past, aligning with your purpose, and unlocking your potential is great, but I don’t really know what that means.

Further, there is no transformation anywhere in the above-the-fold section. This leaves it up to my audience to imagine what life will be like for them once they achieve all these things.

From a positioning and messaging perspective, this message will only resonate with solution or product-aware people. And that is fine if you have a big audience, but if you have a small audience, it’s possible you won’t have enough of those people to make it work.

Mastin is massively successful, and I know he will fill this challenge and get massive results for the people who attend. And I also feel for the people who don’t have Mastin’s audience and struggle to get the results they want.

If Mastin was here, he would argue that to be any more specific would devalue and dilute the magic of what he makes possible for people.

The takeaway for you if you are in the Personal Development space. How can you make your promises as concrete and specific as possible while holding true to your principles and mission?

Oh, and I love this section for the bottom of a free opt-in page where the “Buy Now” block would normally go on a sales page!

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