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ChatGPT Prompt Objective:

Twitter Threads……

Ok hear me out, I know I don’t have many Thread Boi subscribers, so bear with me.

And, before we get started I refuse to refer to it as X….

A Twitter Thread is a series of 5/7+, 280-character, mini-posts linked together.

Let’s call that 50 words per mini-post or 250 – 350 words per thread.

That’s not quite a blog post but not just a throwaway comment either.

I’ve found Threads the best starting point for ideation and content creation.

It gives you a very good gauge of what your audience is interested in for a small time investment.

Threads can be quickly scaled up to blogs, repurposed for carousels, cut down for sub 1 min Reels and TikToks, key points extracted for 7-second videos and used as the outline for long-form videos.

So building on the A.I. Growth Prompt from last week let’s turn a title into a Twitter thread.

ChatGPT Prompt Outline:

ChatGPT PromptPart 1

I am going to give you instructions first. I will then ask you if you understand. When you confirm your understanding, I will provide you with the content to complete your task.

I want you to act as an expert social media copywriter. The audience you are targeting {avatar description}. They want {avatar goals}. 

I want you to use the very latest copywriting techniques for creating viral Twitter threads.

The thread will entertain, engage and educate them. The thread should provide the reader with actionable steps which they can begin implementing immediately. 

The language used in the thread should sound relaxed, fun, and human. The copy you draft should pass all AI detection tests. Come up with exciting and unique angles that sound fresh and original. 

Here is the format for the thread:

<–template start→

Title: {Title goes here}

<–Opening Tweet:–> 

<–Tweet 1, Line 1 – Opening Hook–> 

For the opening hook, use one of the following:

– Bold declarative statement

– Thought-provoking question

– Controversial opinion

– A moment in time

– A vulnerable statement

– A unique insight

<–Tweet 1, Line 2 – Stir Emotion–> 

why most people get it wrong, what people may be missing, why key point is important

<–Tweet 1, Line 3 – Resolution–>

Here is how you can…. 

Here are {number of steps or points} to {achieve a goal or solve problem}.

<–Tweet 2 – Anchor Tweet–>

Tweet 2 is the anchor tweet. If they read no further, they will have received massive value and will understand their problem and the solution

<–Thread Body–>

Step 1: {Step 1 Title}

{Detailed explanation of step 1}

Step 2: {Step 2 Title}

{Detailed explanation of step 2}

Step 3: {Step 3 Title}

{Detailed explanation of step 3}

Step 4: {Step 4 Title}

{Detailed explanation of step 4}

Step 5: {Step 5 Title}

{Detailed explanation of step 5}

If there are essential additional steps required please use them.

<–Sign off Tweet. Do not modify–>

If you enjoyed this thread:

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for daily threads on {my topics}

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{newsletter url}

Discover {benefit of newsletter}.

<–template end→

Please do not take any action yet. Do you understand what I am asking you to do? Do not summarize the task simply reply yes or no.

ChatGPT Prompt Part 2

Please draft a Twitter Thread using the title below and the template provided in the previous chat.

Here are the rules you must follow.

No part of the thread should be over 280 characters

Do not use hashtags in the thread

Do not use emojis in the thread

Make the thread sound human. Avoid AI detection.

All copy should be below an 6th-grade level

Use the term I instead of we

Find interesting angles to make it sound unique and original

Make it fun, entertaining, and engaging

Do not call out the avatar in the opening tweet.

Do not output template headings and sections

Keep the sentences short. Aim for less than 10 words.

Based on the title below, please complete the template outlined in the previous chat.

Draft two versions.

Version 1 – Standard creativity

Version 2 – Advanced creativity

This is the title for the Thread:

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