TikTok Ads for Online Courses: Hero vs. Villain Video Ad Format


Continuing on our theme of simplicity. Look at how organic and amateur this TikTok ad appears.

This ad is for MagicSpoon, a healthy breakfast cereal for adults who haven’t grown up!

What’s one of the big objections to eating our favorite childhood cereals? 

…..All the added sugar.

One of MagicSpoon’s key selling points is that it has 0g of sugar. 

To tell is one thing. To show is infinitely more powerful.

Some key takeaways:

  • The split-screen approach seems crude but is extremely effective.
  • The sugar pouring into the bowl on the right instantly conveys the message the ad is trying to land.
  • Simple text overlay that we could all do in an app like CapCut in less than 5 minutes with some additional triggers: Features: High Protein, Low Carb, 0g Sugar. Benefits: Great tasting Transformation: just like your childhood favorites… but healthier
  • Great ads don’t need to be complex. The more an ad looks “not like” an ad, the better it will do.
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