The Future of Launches: Paid Workshops and Challenges


Our friend Ryan Levesque and the Ask Method Company are in the middle of their primary Ask Method Launch. This launch leads to the promotion of their signature Ask Method Coaching Program.


At its core, this is a very simple opt-in format with a couple of very cool twists.

Headline, Subhead, Video/Image, Body Copy (+3-5 bullet points), CTA & Opt-in Form. Everything I teach people to do.

As the Quiz Funnel guy, you would expect Ryan to have segmentation options up front. The twist here is that you can see the segmentation upfront before clicking the opt-in button. 

It is interesting that he has stepped up from 4 buckets to 5 over the past year or two. If you have been following Ryan you will spot that “Local Small Business” is a new target for him. 

For those of us who have offline businesses too, this is something to pay attention to.

However, the most interesting element is the fact that there is a $100 fee associated with the Workshop, but they give you a discount code on the page.

I think this is genius. This allows Ryan to place a value on the training but not limit opt-ins and thus the total addressable market for his launch.

This strategy has been around for a long time in the direct marketing space, but this is the first time I have seen a big-name launcher take this approach.

Paid workshops, challenges, and launches are definitely on the rise. The strategy is easier for smaller operators to adopt, but when the revenue goal for your launch is $5m+, the thought of charging people admission is daunting. This hybrid model could be a great idea for your next launch.


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