Starbucks jumped on board and launched an NFT with unique experience and benefits

If you have been paying attention, the last couple of weeks has been a variable blood bath for both Crypto and Web3. 

No one ever said the road would be smooth. Look at the adoption of any new technology, whether the railroads or the internet, and you will see similar bumps and hollows. 

A couple of bad months doesn’t change the fact that Web3 is here and it’s here to stay. 

The question then becomes, what impact will it have on us the course creators and membership site owners

I for one am no fan of badly drawn Apes, Punks, or Crypto Kitties. But, I believe NFTs hold the future for how creators will monetize their knowledge and experience. Specifically through utility NFTs. 

Utility NFTs can provide your members with access to content and events, and they can also provide big benefits to the holders.

Whatever the financial and regulatory treatment I see them as enabling your audience to invest in you and not just gain benefit in consuming your content but getting real-life returns and the potential for upside growth on their investment.

Keep an eye on this space. Like many things, it will happen “gradually then suddenly”. The people who are prepared and ready to move at the right time will have a massive opportunity.

Starbucks have already jumped on board and launched an NFT with unique experience and benefits. 

You can read all about it here: 

Hat tip to corporate marketing bullshit right here:

“extend its brand’s concept of the “third place” — meaning a place between home and work where people can feel a sense of belonging over coffee.”

I lie awake all night, every night, yearning for a sense of belonging over my coffee!


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