Something Didn’t Add Up

Stacey was about to shut down her business.


She had tried everything. It always felt like one step forward and two steps back. She didn’t know what else she could do. She felt gutted.


Stacey was an amazing coach. I could see the potential in Stacey’s business. I could see she got her clients great results.


Something didn’t add up.


When we dug a little deeper the problem was clear.


Stacey couldn’t see how to grow her business without it requiring her to work harder.


Stacey wanted to increase her profits so she could enjoy her life. But in her head, higher profits meant less life.


Like winning a pie-eating competition where the prize is more pie.

3 months later we launched her membership.


She now had a leveraged income stream.


An income stream she could scale without having to do more work.


Now Stacey loves her business and has set some big goals. Not only business goals, but a lifestyle, relationship, financial, and investment goals.


And if you want to set and achieve bigger goals make sure you check out some of my other lead generation and launch strategies for course creators and membership site owners.

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