Psychological Tactics in Marketing: Emotion in Facebook Ads


One of the reasons why the Hustle re-engagement email is so good is because it connects with you on an emotional level.

This isn’t just a good thing for email copywriting. Bringing emotion to the copy and creative of your Facebook Ads will bring better results.

Wordstream collated 21 emotionally charged Facebook Ads and analyzed the mechanisms used in the copy. As a bonus, they threw in 97 words that you can try out in your copy.

Remember that emotion can be both positive and negative. Unfortunately, as humans, we are hardwired to do more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure. 

This means that stirring negative emotions can produce bigger results.

Loss aversion studies show that people can be motivated twice as much to avoid pain than gain a similar level of pleasure.

For example, people will do as much to avoid losing $5,000 as to gain $10,000.

Personally, I don’t like being a negative Nancy. I also am not going to try to outsmart well-established psychological principles.

The solution: draft ad copy designed to trigger both positive and negative emotions and let the stats tell you which one is more effective at getting people to take action.

Remember the most important thing is that you get people taking action and making progress. 

If I can get someone to take any action that I know will benefit them and get them the result they want then “by any means necessary”.

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