Profitable Mini-Front End Liquidator Products For Lead Generation

Do you want to create a Mini-Front End Product to cover the cost of your Facebook ads and effectively give you an unlimited marketing budget?


Then listen up. Your Mini-Front End Product has to be the logical next step for your perfect-fit client to take once they have opted in for your lead magnet.


Now there are two ways to think about this.


1. You mini product helps people get the same result as the lead magnet only faster and easier




2. The mini product helps people solve the next problem they will face once they have implemented the Lead Magnet Every time we solve a problem in our lives or business we move to a new level and are presented with a new problem.


Keep helping your prospects solve small problems to build momentum.


Because remember, the purpose of this level, aside from liquidating the cost of our ads is to prime people so that they are ready to step up and purchase your signature course or membership

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