Play the Game You Want to Win

My client Kate felt trapped by her business. It’s a trap so many people fall into. I want to make sure you don’t.


It was a good business. It had massive potential. On paper, it was a model online business. But it wasn’t the business that Kate wanted.


The purpose of your business is to help you achieve your goals. Tony Robbins breaks your life down into 7 core areas –


• Physical, Mental, Spiritual

• Family, Social

• Financial & Business


Your business needs to help you achieve your goals in all areas of your life. Not just in the financial and business areas.


Create a business that lets you live the life you want. Never let your business dictate how you live your life.


This will mean making tough decisions. Giving up short-term opportunities. To create the game, you want to win long-term.


And if you want to win the online business game make sure you check out some of my other videos on lead generation strategies for course creators and membership site owners.

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