New Facebook Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition Tools

Facebook is adding a range of new lead generation and customer acquisition tools. 

Facebook Lead Ads are a quick and easy way to test ad concepts and launch campaigns. The best thing about Lead Ads is that people don’t leave Facebook to opt-in for your free stuff. Instead, everything happens on the Facebook platform.

As everything is on the Facebook platform, you don’t have to worry about iOS 14.5, tracking, attribution, or landing page conversion rates.

In the (very, very, very near) future cookieless world, it is a safe bet that this type of lead generation will become ever more popular.

Facebook also knows it’s in its own best interests to make it easy for people to get started and see results quickly and easily.

The new tools will help improve your lead generation management, making it easier for you to convert leads into paying customers.

They include the following:

A Quote Request option for Instagram. You will be able to add a “Get Quote” button to your profile and stickers in Stories. The upgrade will allow you to ask pre-defined questions to streamline the quote process. If you have multiple offers or levels of membership and coaching, this could be a great way to pre-qualify new leads.

Partner integrations. Lead Ads are great, but to get your leads over to your CRM, you need a tool like Zapier,, or LeadsBridge. Now you can connect your Lead Ads directly to over 600 CRM platforms. Again making your life that little easier!

Instant Forms are getting an upgrade. You will have greater flexibility in the design, personalization, and content options. This should increase your conversion rates plus gives you lots of room to innovate
(PS Every platform rewards early adopters of new ad placements with much lower CPM. Get in there early for cheap leads) 

Filtering leads with Instant Forms. This has so many applications. You can use the answers to multiple-choice questions in Instant Forms to determine which leads may or may not be a good fit and filter them accordingly. This means you will be able to tailor your communication and offers depending on the answers given.

Gated content. Doubling down on the “everything on platform trend”. You will now be able to serve gated content directly on Facebook after a lead form has been filled out. This avoids the need to immediately pass the lead over to your CRM. Great if you want to test a concept or run a low-fuss campaign.


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