My worst fears are being realized. (And, it’s your big opportunity.)


I’m seeing a worrying trend and it needs to be discussed.


Advertisers are churning out the same turgent, lazy, and unimaginative ChatGTP copy.


You can tell ChatGPT copy a mile away and it stinks.


It’s dense, unemotive, and overly wordy crap.


I’ve been using A.I. daily in my business for over 2.5 years.


I love A.I. and I’m a massive believer in the opportunity it presents for online business owners.


The FACT is, it’s a horrible copywriter (as of today anyway!).


It’s great at coming up with ideas but it’s copy sucks.


As an online business owner good copy is your #1 asset.


It’s how you connect with your audience and move people to take action.


Yes, use A.I. to come up with ideas but the final copy needs your personal touch.


If you have unedited ChatGPT content anywhere in your funnel or front-end content rip it down today and redraft it.


Trust me you will see a big uptick in your conversions.


Which brings me to the opportunity.


We are about to be overrun by AI-generated ads, social content, and courses.


Far from doomsday. I think for once life is about to get easier.


Well-structured, engaging copy will stand out even more in a sea of ChatGPT puke.


Your takeaway. Become a student of great copy.


The best part. Your education is free. We see thousands of ads and offers every day.


Build your swipe file of killer copy so you’re ready the next time you need to polish some ChatGPT turd into a diamond.


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