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L – Latest News

Twitter is requiring advertisers to pay for the privilege of spending money on their platform

The move is an attempt to “elevate the quality of content on Twitter and enhance your experience as a user and advertiser. Want to find out more? Read on, and pay up!

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BuzzFeed News shut down due to its “over-investment” into social media platforms

The instability of Twitter and a potential TikTok ban have made it less reliable for publishers, and the rise of short-form vertical videos has made external links back to publishers’ sites less amplified, leading to the decrease in site referrals from social media platforms.

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Google just made a huge announcement about ad account names!

So if you’re thinking of creating a new account or updating an old one, better think twice before breaking the new rules! Read on to find out more about why it’s important to follow these new naming conventions and avoid getting an ACTION_NOT_PERMITTED error.

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A – A.I. For Growth

No time to read? No problemo!

My Queue lets you save articles and listen to them while you’re out and about. And the best part? So say “goodbye” to screen time and “hello” to listening time.

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Tired of manually collecting data from the web?

WebscrapeAi to the rescue! Say goodbye to the drudgery of data scraping and hello to automated ease – no coding skills needed!

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Want to take your content game to the next level without the tedious manual work?

Get ready to unleash your creative beast and let Communion take you on a ride with their AI-powered creative command center. With 20+ templates, keyword search, and analytics, you can create, optimize and track your way to success.

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U – Uplevel Ads 

Who would have thought one of the worlds leading actors would dive head first into launching an online course.

Well, that’s exactly what Matthew “don’t half-ass it” McConaughey has just done.

And, boy, did he pull it off! 

Let’s take a look at the Facebook Ad for his pre-launch workshop.

Honestly, if this ad wasn’t by Matthew McConaughey for an event co-hosted with Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Marie Forleo, I would bet good money the ad would have bombed. 

The primary promise is to turn red lights into green lights. Vague at best. 

“Creating a life that’s happier, more connected and more meaningful, and a whole lot more fun” yeah, it sounds good on paper, but we’ve heard this a million times before.

But let’s look for some positives….

  • Even though the open hook is bland, it will undoubtedly get people to nod and say yes in their head. 
  • “Imagine this: all of us comin’ together to revive…” I bet you read this in Matthew’s voice, didn’t you? While not groundbreaking, this is definitely in Matthew’s voice. It also sets up an “Us” against the world dynamic. At a time when people are experiencing more division and feelings of isolation, extending an invitation to join a movement is an attractive offer.
  • Honesty, even if counter to your argument, can trigger trust and compel people to take action. “And look, I don’t have all the answers” Extensive research on ads that pointed out the flaws of the product being sold shows they performed better than ads that only highlighted the positive attributes. 


N – Now Launching

The Art Of Livin’ was a pre-launch workshop for his course Roadtrip priced at $397.

Here’s the crazy thing. 2.4 million people registered for the event.

Now, I don’t have exact numbers for the launch revenue, but by piecing together some info, we can come up with some round figures.

50 meals were donated through Feeding America on behalf of everyone who purchased the course.

They reported that 1.2 million meals were donated.

If you run the numbers, this means that 240,000 people purchased the course.

So Mr. alright, alright, alright brought in $9.5 million in sales.

And, remember that isn’t including the VIP upgrades on the front end. 

Not bad for your first launch!

Let’s dive into the Art Of Livin’ opt-in page:


The copy is irrelevant. The image does all the heavy lifting. Now we may not be able to pick up our phone and call Tony Robbins to get him to co-present on our pre-launch workshop. Still, the question you should be asking is:

  • Who could I work with that has an established audience, is complementary but not a direct competitor, and would instantly elevate my status? 

If you are not “A” level yet, that’s ok. Start building a network of people a couple steps ahead of you.


C – Conversion Psychology 

Want to crank up sales of your digital products with Facebook Ads?

The Cost Per Lead (CPL) Magic Quadrant is a game changer.

Without this analysis you’re wasting big time ad $$$$’s.

Let’s dive into this powerful tool to optimize ads, maximize ROI, and turn leads into sales.

The CPL Magic Quadrant is a 2×2 matrix that categorizes your ads based on their Cost Per Lead (CPL) and lead volume. By plotting your ads in this matrix, you’ll uncover unique insights into your campaign’s performance and identify growth opportunities.

Here’s how the quadrants break down:

Q1: High CPL & High Volume ➡ Popular but expensive ads. Time to optimize!

Q2: Low CPL & High Volume ➡ Top-performing ads! Keep up the great work!

Q3: High CPL & Low Volume ➡ Underperforming ads. Revamp or pause them.

Q4: Low CPL & Low Volume ➡ Hidden gems! Scale these ads for max ROI.

To leverage the CPL Magic Quadrant, start by collecting data on your ad performance (CPL & lead volume). Use this info to plot your ads and evaluate their position in the matrix. This visual aid will help you make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns!

With the CPL Magic Quadrant in your arsenal, you can:

  1. Identify ads that need optimization or pausing.
  2. Uncover hidden gems and scale them for maximum ROI.
  3. Allocate your ad budget more efficiently to boost overall performance.

RECAP: The CPL Magic Quadrant is a total game-changer for Facebook Ads! By sorting your ads based on CPL and lead volume, you’ll uncover valuable insights to optimize your campaigns like a pro. Give the CPL Magic Quadrant a try and get ready to see your sales skyrocket!

H – Hot Take


Go take a walk. You’ll feel and think better.

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