Landing Page Tips - What makes a good Sub-headline?

If you want someone to take an action, you must get them excited about the payoff they’ll get from the effort they invest.


Even people who do things expect nothing in return, getting an emotional pay off through from doing the thing without expecting a reward, which is a reward and pays off in its own right.


As with every piece of copy you draft your sub-headline should talk about the benefits and the transformation that someone will achieve through their actions.


Describing what their life will be like once they have downloaded and implemented the lead magnet is vastly more motivating that outlining a boring list of what is in the lead magnet.


Picture your perfect-fit client, imagine if they took your lead magnet and implemented it, how would their life change, what would they see hear, and do differently now that they have gotten the results that you know are possible for them.


This “new world” is what you want to describe in your headline and sub-headline.

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