Discover the Formula Behind $6,418,323 in Online Launches

Unlock the secrets to launching a successful online business with insights into the proven formula that generated $6,418,323 in online launches. Learn from experts and discover actionable strategies to propel your business forward.
Discover the Formula Behind $6,418,323 in Online Launches

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Strategies for Maximizing Conversions in Your Ads


What to copy:

  • Brilliant use of specificity to capture attention in the opening hook
  • The numbers “211” and “$6,418,323” are unusual and stand out
  • The opening hook also establishes authority and credibility
  • The same hook also leverages social proof
  • Any time you can combo multiple psychological triggers into one line its a big win
  • The second line establishes credibility and uniqueness. Counterintuitive or counter culture mechanisims are a great way to set up “us against them” it also works well in mature markets where people are skeptical of claims
  • Playing on the same theme – cold hard data sets this apart from other competitors teaching “theories and strategies”
  • From there they set up the conflict…. Never been easier to start an online business BUT there’s more competition. This establishes why people need to pay attention.
  • The basic premise of the ad offer is strong as it’s promising “what’s working right now”. This theme is reinforced throughout the ad. In rapidly changing niches this is always a strong offer when you have access to data
  • “highest-level coaching students” this is smart on many levels. First it sets up the authority of the results. Second it pre-sells the program that will be sold on the workshop
  • Great use of urgency throughout. The more urgency you can introduce to your ads the better:
    • …“right now”
    • …”register NOW”
    • …”annual Launch Lab”
    • …”working now”
    • …”while you still can”
  • The problem with free is that it devalues the training. If someone doesn’t value the trainingthey will be less likely to interact and participate in it. Pricing the workshop at $100 and then providing a 100% voucher increases the value proposition. This may lead to higher conversion rates and a higher show up rate. The impact of this approach will reduce over time and if the audience realize that everyone is offered a 100% discount they may start to question your integrity.
  • We have found a CTA sandwich around an in ad url increases outbound click through rates. You can see this deployed in the final 3 lines of the ad

What we’d test:

  • The ad copy above is likely targeting or retargeting a warm audience. For someone to engage with this ad they would have to know who Jeff Walker is and what problem a “launch” is a solution to. To expand the potential audience for this ad I would test both positive and negative framed hooks to position people as to the problem and solution.
  • This version of the ad had 4 video versions. 2 X 1:25 mins + 2 X 1:59. Each had slight variatios of the opening hook. For lead generation you will get better results with videos of 30 – 45 seconds. We’d test shorter videos that simply anser the questions – How are you going to help me make more money?
  • The “evil” the hero of our ad needs to overcome is “there is more competition than ever”. What’s at stake is no very high. Everyone knows this to be true. It’s true of all businesses. Using their knowledge of the challenges launchers face I would test 2-3 unique problems people face launching a course of membership.
  • Using “FREE” in the headline is always test worthy
  • Educating in your lead generation ads is always a good thing. I would test including and or teasing some of the findings. There is an opportunity to trigger curiosity, intrigue and recripriocity

Unveiling the Secrets of a High-Performing Launch Sales Page


Some key takeaways

  • Specific and Quantifiable Results: The headline of the sales page mentions the specific number of launches that brought in a specific amount of revenue. This not only helps to establish credibility but also creates a sense of urgency by making the reader wonder what these successful launches have in common.
  • Social Proof: Mentioning that the strategies and tactics were distilled from successful launches among their highest-level coaching students serves as social proof of the effectiveness of their methods.
  • Scarcity: The use of language such as “It’s happening on January 11th and 12th, 2023” creates a sense of scarcity, making the reader feel that they need to act fast to take advantage of this opportunity.
  • Urgency: The use of phrases such as “this is what you need to know going into 2023” and “Ignore these lessons at your own peril” creates a sense of urgency, making the reader feel that they need to join the lab to avoid missing out on critical information.
  • Authority: The use of personal pronouns such as “I” and “my” helps to establish the authority of the speaker and makes the reader feel that they are learning from an expert.
  • No Fluff: The use of phrases such as “no theory here” and “no puffery or predictions” helps to establish that the lab is based on real-world, actionable strategies, rather than theoretical concepts.
  • Call to action: The page includes several clear calls to action, such as “Join me in the Launch Lab!” and “Register now” that encourage readers to take the desired action (signing up for the event).
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