Decoding Success in the Evergreen Webinar Ad Strategy

Let’s talk about the evolution of a Facebook Ad. 

The biggest mistake we see advertisers make is not testing enough ad variations. 

Today instead of reviewing a single Facebook Ad, I want to take you behind the scenes and show you the evolution of a Facebook Ad.

The Ad in question is for James Wedmore’s front end webinar funnel 

The first version of this ad was published in August 2022. 

There is a valuable lesson here in its own right. You are better focusing on scaling one funnel instead of building many funnels. Many large online businesses have been built on the back of just one lead magnet.


In December 2022 an updated variation of this ad was published.


Then in February 2023, we see a host of new ad variations published. I have chosen two for you below:

February 2023 Ad v1


February 2023 Ad v2


Inspiration for your ads:

  • If you find a winner, ride it all the way home (until it collapses and dies!) Despite testing multiple versions the fact that James is still running an ad from August 2022 means that it is outperforming the latest tests.
  • Facebook is not always rational! Even inferior ads (copy and image) can outperform superior ads if Facebook gets into a groove and finds the perfect segment of an audience. Never make any changes to an ad that is performing well.
  • It is important to test different themes. We can see all of the above ads are leading people to the same point from different directions. When starting out with a new campaign I like to come up with at least 4 different themes. These themes are then tested over time.
  • Look at the ads. Which do you think will convert best? In the long run I am sure the February ads will outperform the earlier ads. “..flying off the shelves” is not a stong proposition. “Your Sales Page isn’t converting because it contains AT LEAST 1 of these 5 Major Mistakes” is soooo much more powerful.
  • Your “X” isn’t “Y” because its making AT LEAST 1 of these “#” major mistakes” is an opening hook that can be adapted for almost any ad.
  • I avoided emojis for a long time in my ads, however, cringy as they may be, they work. Especially in opening two lines of the body copy. My hypothesis is that they act as a pattern interrupt while people are scrolling rather than people loving emojis.
  • You can’t natively bold text in Facebook ads. However, if you use a service like: you can enter you text and apply hundreds of effects. Again this will make your ad stand out.


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