Can’t Never Did Anything

Never get hung up on the things you think you can’t do. The best cure for overwhelm is to set a goal and commit. Like my client, Elana.


Elana was a member of a high-end launch mastermind for 11 months. She paid over $11,000 in membership but still hadn’t made progress on her launch.


Until we started working together. In 27 days, Elana had set up her Facebook ads, built her funnel, and launched her first offer.


What’s the difference? Elana committed to getting it done. She focused on the goal. Everything else was noise. For 11 months Elana felt overwhelmed by the tech and the copy.


When we got her focused on a motivating goal, everything changed. When you are on a mission you figure stuff out.


She figured out the tech and the copy. She got launched. She got it done. And if you want to get it done make sure you check out some of my other videos on lead generation strategies for course creators and membership site owners.

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