Book-a-call Funnel – Mastering the Art of Conversion

Here at L.A.U.N.C.H. we believe simple is beautiful. And, it doesn’t get any more simple than this Taki Moore “book-a-call” funnel. 

{Sidenote: The full funnel is built on GoHighLevel. I’m using GHL with several clients and I love it. More and more people in KnowledgeCom move to GHL. Watch this space!}

Let’s take a “taki” look at the opt-in page:

“book-a-call” funnel

Immediately you are hit with a big social (results based) proof claim. 

151 coaches have used this to cross the $1million mark since 2011.

You might not have as big a claim to make but what claims can you make.

The more concrete the better – “151”, “+$1m”, “2021”.

They say a picture paints a thousand words and it’s definitely true in this case.

What’s in the picture is not as important as demonstrating you have a system or process.

Attract, Convert, Deliver is hardly rocket science but stick a few ™’s around sexy titles and you are off to the races.

And then, just cause you can’t leave it to chance… 

Taki spells out exactly what you get when you watch the 6 min demo.

3 highly desirable outcomes – clients every day – 80% close rate – 2 offers for recurring revenue

Just 61 words in total.

Book-a-call Funnel Opt-in Page Swipe File:

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