Ads for Course Creators: Facebook Ad to Webinar Strategy

  • This week’s Facebook ad deep dive is for Stu McClaren’s Plan It Build It webinar funnel.

    It’s great to see an evergreen webinar funnel in the wild. Unfortunately, this endangered species has almost been driven to extinction. Let’s hope Stu can bring it back from the brink.

    Inspiration for your ads:

    • At just 73 words, this ad is short and to the point – Still classified as medium-form ad copy, but just about!
    • Shorter ads work better for people who are further along their problem-solution path. 
    • If you are retargeting, using Lookalike audiences, or have a very defined audience, medium-form ad copy converts well.
    • If you are targeting broader audiences who do not know you as well, you need more words to build trust, connect with their pain points and convince them that you can solve their problem.
    • Everyone likes to feel like they are in the “know”. The opening hook captures attention by creating curiosity.
    • “Psst… Let me let you in on a little secret.” This is a line you use as the opening hook for any ad.  
    • Again we can see the AIDA approach to ad writing in play.
    • “Big changes coming” triggers interest – what are the changes, and what will I miss out on if I don’t prepare for them.
    • This is followed by the Desire – “i’ll share what they are… tips to stay relevant and help people get better results.
    • Rounded out with the CTA – Save your seat.
    • It’s always a good idea to include a link to your landing page in the ad copy itself. In fact, we always aim for two links.

    What we’d test:

    • There are lots of areas for testing with this ad.
    • The primary promise of the webinar could be stronger.
    • Our optimization process always starts with the primary promise or offer.
    • You can’t “out-market” a poor offer. Even if that offer is giving something away for free.
    • People don’t want to “stay relevant” They want to grow their business, they want to make more money, they want to have a greater impact.
    • People don’t want tips. They want proven strategies, processes, or case studies. Tell them what works and what doesn’t work. 
    • If you are not confident enough to be bold with your claims, work to build a book of evidence to build confidence in your process.
    • Stu has an endless number of case studies and debriefs. Introducing these as the foundation for the 5 key trends would lend specificity and weight to the core promise.
    • After registration Stu gives you a workbook. I would test introducing this in the ad. You may get a small percentage of people who sign up just for the workbook and don’t attend the webinar but at least you have their email address and you can follow up with them in the future.


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