Funnel Optimization – 5 Steps to Reduce your CPL and CPA


Do you struggle to turn leads into sales?

Maybe you are struggling to attract leads, to begin with.

The key to success with Facebook Ads lies in Funnel Optimization.

Here are 5 simple steps to reduce your cost per lead and cost per acquisition


Step 1 – Identify your audience’s pain points and desires. You have to solve a #1 top-of-mind pain point. Perry Marshall calls this finding the “bleeding neck”. People will pay anything to solve a bleeding neck problem.


Step 2 – Create an offer that promises to solve their #1 pain point. Once you understand your audience’s #1 pain point, create an offer that guarantees to fix it for them and lead them to the ultimate goal they seek.


Step 3 – Optimize landing pages for conversions. Your headlines are key. Be specific, concise, and compelling. Call out a massive pain they want to avoid or a goal they want to achieve. The rest of your copy provides proof you can help them do it. 


Step 4 – Make it easy to take the next step. Your funnel should feel like a logical set of steps on your perfect-fit client’s journey to their ultimate goal. Every step should feel like the logical next step for them to take. Bring them on a journey to success.


Step 5 – The profit is in the follow-up. Email marketing is the key to profitable customer acquisition. Yes, I’m a Facebook ads guy, but most of my client’s profits are made through a carefully planned and optimized follow-up email sequence.


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