3 Tips To Write Bullet Points So Good Your Readers Will Instantly Take Action

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When I started writing copy, I didn’t pay much attention to bullet points.

I saw them as a handy way to summarize information and make it easier to read.

But now, after over 100 digital product launches and $10,000,000 in online sales, bullet points are one of my top 3 copywriting conversion levers.

And, if you want to increase your opt-in and sales conversion rates, learning how to craft compelling fascination bullet points is a copywriting cheat code.

There’s no going back once you see the power of fascination bullet points.

You’ll suddenly want to use them in every email, social post, opt-in page, and sales page.

Here are my top 3 tips for writing irresistible fascination bullet points:

1. Tease the benefit, don’t reveal it

Don’t just tell someone what they will get.

Tease them with the benefits of what’s possible once they have what you’re offering. A 78-page guide is dull and boring. But a “step-by-step blueprint to cover the cost of your ads before the bill hits your credit card” is a much more appealing prospect.

Tell your reader what their life will look like when they take the action.

2. Be specific

The more specific you are, the more intrigue you’ll create.

Describe in specific detail how someone will benefit from taking action and what they will see, hear, feel, and do. Include numbers and specific deliverables. “The surprising reason your Meta ads are failing (and how to turn them around in 24 hours)”

Even if you can’t promise measurable outcomes you can be specific with your timelines.

3. Create a cliffhanger

Use open loops to build curiosity.

Nothing drives people to action like the need to close a loop. An open loop is simply an information gap that leaves readers hanging, desperate to know the resolution. “How I generated 10,000 leads in 30 days using this unconventional Facebook ad strategy…”

The only way for your reader to close the loop and satisfy their curiosity is to take action.

Remember, fascination bullet points are like a movie trailer.

You want to show readers just enough to get them drooling with anticipation.

Hint at the most exciting parts, but leave them eager to buy their ticket.

And the best way to get good at this is to practice….. let’s get started…

Give me a line from your opt-in or sales page and I’ll turn it into a fascination bullet point.

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