3 simple rules to create an irresistible lead magnet your audience would feel stupid to turn down so you can profitably grow your online business

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For years, I struggled with lead generation.

My opt-in rates were low, ad costs were high, and my email list growth was slow and painful.

I was certain ads just couldn’t work for my business.

That was until I discovered it wasn’t the funnel or the ads that were the issue.

The problem was the lead magnets I was using.

Once I started implementing these 3 simple rules, everything changed.

RULE 1 – It must solve a #1 top-of-mind pain point

A great lead magnet answers the question – What keeps my customer awake at night?

People have a limited attention bandwidth. They only focus on their top 1 or 2 problems or pain points; they ignore everything else. An irresistible lead magnet promises to solve and remove a major pain point from their lives.

If your lead magnet doesn’t solve a major pain point, create one that does.

RULE 2 – It must promise a specific tangible outcome

A great lead magnet promises a concrete and specific outcome.

Remember, you aren’t solving all their problems. You are only solving one problem. One of the most common traits of irresistible lead magnets is they are hyper-specific about what will happen once they help the reader solve the problem.

Answer questions like how much? and by when?

RULE 3 – It must promise an immediate result

A great lead magnet promises an immediate payoff.

To promise an immediate payoff, you need to limit the scope of your lead magnet. Remember, you are not solving all their problems. Your goal is to get them to take just one step forward.

One step taken is infinitely more valuable and desirable than 1,000 steps promised.

Your lead magnet will make or break the profitability of your funnel and, ultimately, your online business.

Remember, you are not your avatar.

Invest time living their life. Walk in their shoes and feel their pain.

The longer you spend in their world, the more irresistible a lead magnet you’ll create.

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