What AI is lacking, and how you can use it to get ahead of your competition

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Do you have dedicated AI exploration time every week?

Time that you are free to play? Time with zero expected output?

If you said NO, you are probably the same as 99% of online business owners.

I’ve used AI almost every day for 5-6 years, but I even struggle with dedicated AI playtime.

The fact is, it can’t stay that way for long. AI is coming, and there is no stopping it.

So, what do we need to do as online business owners?

Let’s dive into it….

What is AI lacking?

AI doesn’t have and never will have human intuition.

Sure, AGI (when it comes) will have something akin to human intuition, but it will never have the same feel for your business and your customers as you do. Successful online business owners all have one thing in common – an almost telepathic connection with their audience.

The role of intuition in business success is underappreciated today, and it will become even more important in the future.

What does that mean for you?

As AI reaches further and further into our business operations, we need to develop intuition checkpoints.

I see it every day in the sea of putrid ChatGPT garbage that people post on social media and use in their ad copy. Sure, all the individual words make sense, and it’s said confidently, but it completely misses the mark. Yes, AI is the way forward, but we need to control it and shape it based on our intuition.

In an odd twist of fate, AI will force us to connect with and document our intuition, a practice most business owners have never consciously undertaken before.

How can you use AI to get ahead of your competition?

So, the real opportunity lies in leveraging AI to build a more human business. Who would have thought!? 

The unthinking online business owner will see AI as an opportunity to cut costs, reduce workload and spam the world with crappy content. The smart business owner will leverage AI to create a more connected and human experience for their clients. Sometimes, it’s funny how things work out. 

If you want to win during the initial 10-year adoption phase, this is where the real opportunity lies.

The opportunity in AI is massive, but so many people misunderstand where the real opportunity lies.

And don’t worry, you are not behind.

If you are reading this, you are still early to AI.

But, the earlier you start your journey, the better positioned you’ll be to take full advantage.

And we need to be ready because the rate of AI adoption is starting to make the Dotcom Age look like the Stone Age.

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