Want To Grow Your Email List?

If you are a course creator or membership site owner who wants to build predictable and profitable lead generation processes, then this is one of the most important skills you need to build.


The fact is that you can build a massively successful business on the back of 2-3 high converting landing pages.


However, so many people struggle with what they should put on their landing page and how to lay it all out.


As an online business owner, you should have a landing page stash folder where you save the copy and design of every good landing page you come across.


A great tool for this is the go full-page chrome extension that allows you to create a pdf or png file from any landing page.


Trust me this stash file will become priceless when designing your own landing pages.


And to catch the rest of these tips make sure you check out some of my other posts on lead generation best practices for course creators and membership site owners.


See you in the next video.

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