Want a high-converting landing page?

If your landing page isn’t converting, there is a very good chance I know what your biggest problem is.


If you want to build a high converting landing page, crafting a knock-out headline is essential.


The goal of your headline is to capture people’s attention and drive them to consume the rest of the content on the page.


You only have a second or two for someone to decide if they should remain on the page or leave.


In fact, with a really good headline, a visitor may well skip all the rest of the content on the page and jump straight to giving you their email address.


For a headline to be effective it should:


Satisfy self-interest

Help people avoid pain or gain pleasure

Be ultra-specific

Describe the desired transformation


Get your headline right and you are already 75% on the way to a high converting landing page.


And for that final 25% make sure you check out some of my other posts on lead generation best practices for course creators and membership site owners.


See you in the next post.

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