The Simple Landing Page Success Test

If you would like to be able to tell if a landing page will convert well or if it will struggle there is a very simple test that you can run which will instantly tell you. It’s called the 4 U’s Test. Ask yourself is your headline and copy:


How does this help my visitor? Even without opt-in for my lead magnet have they learned something through their interaction with my copy?


Have I given them a reason to act now? Without urgency, people will not act. You have to convince them not just that they need what you have to offer but they need it right now.


This is perhaps the single biggest downfall of most landing pages. How is what you are offering unique, unavailable anywhere else and why is that of benefit?


Vague promises of abstract benefits are not motivating. Describe in ultra-specific terms how someone’s life will be better when they act.

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