How to Grow Your Course Audience Using Book Sales

How to Grow Your Course Audience With Book Sales

How to Grow Your Course Audience With Book Sales

Discover effective strategies for using book sales to expand and grow your course audience. Learn how to leverage book sales to attract more students to your course and increase your online influence.
How to Grow Your Course Audience Using Book Sales

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The Best Approach in Facebook Ads for Book Sales

When the elite marketers discuss the greatest direct response copywriters of all time there is one name that comes up every time – Brian Kurtz.

Brian ticks all the boxes. He has penned masterful campaigns that have generated billions in revenue for clients. Built an iconic publishing company to over $150 million. And, now teaches his timeless fundamentals to others spawning the next generation of direct response copywriters.

Many years ago Brian bought the rights to one of the most influential copywriting books from his mentor and friend Eugene Schwartz. Brian has incorporated this famous book intp a front end funnel for his copywriting course and mastermind.

Let’s dive in and take a look at two of the ads for the book funnel.

Ad Version 1 – Short Form


Ad Version 2- Short Form


3 Elements To Inspire Your Ad Campaigns:

  • Know Your Audience: These ads are targeted at a narrow segment of marketers. They are people who are at least aware of Breakthrough Advertising, Eugene Schwartz, the power of copywriting and another copywriting G.O.A.T. Gary Halbert. It is unquestionable that this narrow targeting makes these expensive ads to run so if you are adopting this strategy you better have a funnel that works and some high ticket items to seel on the back end.
  • Leverage Social Proof: Both ads make use of testimonials or quotes from reputable figures to establish credibility and trust. In Ad 1, it’s the claim that Breakthrough Advertising is one of the most important books ever written in its field. In Ad 2, it’s a quote from the late Gary Halbert, a renowned copywriter. To apply this technique to your own ads, consider including quotes or testimonials from experts, influencers, or satisfied customers that relate to your product or service.
  • Create a Sense of Urgency & Scarcity: We can break the CTA into 3 sections “Click the button below” “today” “and get it at the lowest price available”. Not a sylable is wasted. The first part tells people what to do. The section part tells them exactly when they should do it. The third part gives them a resons to do it. This creates a sense of both urgency and scarcity, which can motivate potential customers to take action. For your own ads, consider incorporating phrases that prompt immediate action, such as “limited time offer,” “act now,” or “before the promotion ends.”

3 Elements We’d Test:

  • Creative Mix: Both the ads feature video creative. Video is a phenomenal conversion booster but only when it has been refined and tested. Early in a campaign often images will produce a higher conversion rate. One way or another its always a good idea to have a mix of video and images. Different people respond favorably to different creative mediums.
  • Widen The Audience (a little): Very few marketers will spend $125 dollars (or $199 for the plus bundle) on a book. As a result the ads should appeal to a very select audience. If we were running the ads we would expand the appeal of the ads to a slightly wider audience. As the copy stands if you haven’t heard about Breakthrough Advertising, Eugene Schwartz or Gary Halbert the ad won’t resonate with you. This is a deliberate strategy. Potentially there are people willing to purchase the book outside this very knowledgeable audience. It is at least worth a test.
  • Include Transformation: If we were testing a broader audience it would be important to expand the copy and introduce an element of transformation. What will a copywriter experience once they understand and can apply what they have learned in Breakthrough Advertising? How have the lives of Brian’s previous customers changed once they implemented Breakthrough Advertising principles. If someone is “Your Solution Aware” you can be direct. If they are only “Problem Aware” or “Solution Aware” then you have to provide more evidence for them to elevate them through the stages.

Facebook Ad Swipe Files

Lessons from Effective Sales Page Strategies

This is an absolute beast of a sales page. A true masterpiece of direct response copywriting. Do yourself a favor and flip through the page here.

Below is an extract featuring the above the fold section:

Sales Page – Above The Fold


3 Elements To Inspire Your Sales Page:

  • Top Menu: Having a site wide menu on a sales or opt-in page is a big no no. But, when you have a long sales page with lots of sections it is smart to provide internal anchor links to key sections on the sales page. It makes it easy for potential buyers to find what they are looking for. 
  • Social Proof: The big claim (the most important book ever written….) is backed up by a simple testimonial from another big name Ramit Sethi. Brian goes counterintuitive with the testimonial copy. “Be warned: This is an extremely dense read…but beneath the verbiage are profound insights that have stood the test of time.”   Normally it is a negative to tell potential customers that what they are about to do is difficult. But considering Brian is targeting a very select group of elite marketers I think this is smart. He is appealing to people who value intellectual prowess. Triggering them to buy to prove they are more intelligent than Ramit.
  • Exit Intent Pop-Up Opt-in: Facebook doesn’t like sending their users to a page with an exit intent pop-up but Brian seems to be getting away with it. When you go to exit the page a pop-up displays offering you a free chapter from the book. If an exit intent pop-up doesn’t have a massive impact on your CPM or Campaign delivery then this is a smart strategy. If you were sufficiently interested enough to visit the sales page you are going to want a free chapter. This gives Brian an opportunity to get you into a dedicated sales email sequence.

Sales Page Swipe File