Ad Copy Secrets for Course Creators

Persuasive Ad Copy Secrets for Course Creators

Ever wonder why some copy grabs you and compels you to action?

One of the strongest psychological triggers you fire is LOSS AVERSION. 

Here’s the 30 second overview of what it is and how to use it…

  1. So, what is loss aversion? It’s the idea that we’re more motivated to avoid losses than to acquire gains. The fear of losing something is more powerful than the desire to gain something. Twice as powerful to be exact (we’ll do more to avoid losing $500 than make $1,000) 
  2. How do you use this to your advantage? Simple – communicate the potential losses from inaction clearly in your copy. Don’t just focus on the benefits of your course or membership; focus on the problems or struggles people will face if they don’t sign up.
  3. Facebook ads? Highlight the loss of valuable information, skills, or resources if someone doesn’t follow through with your CTA. Opt-in pages and sales pages? Focus on the loss of time, money, or opportunity.
  4. Email copy? Use subject lines that focus on a specific problem or challenge your audience faces. Like “Unlock the solution to [problem]” or “Say goodbye to [problem]” “Eliminate [problem] for good”.
  5. And don’t forget to use social proof – testimonials or success stories – to show the losses people avoided by taking action. Like “John saved $10,000 by enrolling in our course” or “Mary went from dead-end job to thriving business owner 3 months after joining” 
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