Should I cancel my premium subscription to ChatGPT now that GPT-4o is free?

Here's what we have for you today

GPT-4o is now free to all ChatGPT users.

Many online business owners and marketers have been asking themselves the same question.

Should I cancel my $20 monthly paid subscription to ChatGPT if I can get the newest and most powerful model for free?

My simple answer is NO.

Here are 3 reasons I think you need to keep your subscription:

Chat limitations

On the free model, you are limited to 10-16 chats per 3-hour period.

While 10-16 chats sound like a lot, you get the best outputs by breaking big prompts into smaller sequential prompts. You can burn through 5 – 6 prompts for even basic tasks very quickly. The last thing you want to be worried about is hitting your limits.

One of the primary strengths of AI today is unlimited iterations. If you rely on the free version, you lose this ability.

Defaults to GPT3.5 after limits

Once you hit your limit on the free plan, you default back to GPT3.5.

GPT3.5 is a significant step backward from GPT-4 on all fronts. Earlier this year, I noticed that the quality of the pre-work research and brainstorming my team produced for my blogs declined rapidly. After a little investigation, it turned out one team member’s ChatGPT subscription failed, and she was working in GPT-3.5.

Only then did I realize how big the output quality difference between 3.5 and 4 was.

GPT-4o is free to all, but GPT-5 will be pay-to-play

Don’t miss your chance to get first access to GPT-5.

GPT-5 is the release we are all waiting for. GPT-4o is a little step up, but GPT-5 will be a giant leap forward. To test the model and protect server resources, OpenAI will likely only offer GPT-5 to its paid tier first before making a limited version available to free users.

I want to be first in line when GPT-5 is released.

Even if I only use ChatGPT for 5 minutes a month, it will save me and make me more than the $20-a-month subscription. 

OpenAI doesn’t care about the revenue from their premium subscription.

But they will use it as a filter for access to new features and models.

I’m happy to pay $240 a year to be at the front of the line.

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