Retargeting: The Secret Weapon to Grow Your Online Course or Membership with Facebook Ads

Master Facebook ad retargeting, and you can print money at will.


Sadly most Facebook advertisers don’t know how or where to start.


Here are 3 expert steps to master the art of retargeting. 


Step 1: Set up your Pixel for success. Build custom audiences for your website and every step in your funnel. This is the basis of all retargeting. And make sure you have the Conversion API set up and firing too. 


Step 2: Retarget at all levels. Don’t just retarget for sales. Retarget people who visit your blog, visit an opt-in page but not the thank you page. 


Step 3: Customize your retargeting message. If people already know you have visited your funnel be more direct with your messaging.


Put this in play, and let me know how retargeting reduces your cost per acquisition.

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