Pre-Launch Opt-In Page for Your 5-Day Challenge/Workshop


Kelly Roach has opened up registration for her pre-launch, a 5-day challenge/workshop.

Some key takeaways:

  • A beautifully clean and simple opt-in page.
  • I always like to test an image of the creator on a pre-launch opt-in page. It begins the relationship-building process, which is needed during the offer phase. 
  • Note that Kelly didn’t include a logo. Logos don’t move people to action. Brand building can come after the opt-in. The only goal is to get people to click the link and register for the workshop.
  • The primary promise is clear from the headline and subhead. Undoubtedly this opt-in page will convert well for Kelly as she has an established track record. However, there is nothing unique about her proposition or her mechanism. Without a big name or a track record, she would have to work harder to show how she is different to everyone else, offering something similar.
  • She could also do a better job of painting the transformation. What will life be like when you have a multi-million.
  • It is important for a challenge or a live launch that you give people some idea of the dates. Too much or too little info will lower your conversion rate. I like how Kelly has outlined the schedule. This is something you can copy directly from her page – 

Free 5-day workshop starting
January 23rd at 12:00pm EST

  • “Learn the proven process” is a staple copywriting technique to give people certainty that not alone do you know how to do something but you can help them achieve the same outcome. If you have a process, then anyone can follow it and get the same results.
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