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Meta goes all in: Zuckerberg bets on AI and metaverse to reverse Q4 revenue slump

Zuckerberg is going all in on AI and the metaverse. Will the bet pay off or will he lose his shirt?

Google launched its AI chatbot tool “Bard” in an attempt to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT

I would never bet against Google. Hell, they invested $300 million in OpenAI and OpenAI uses the language model Google developed to train ChatGTP. All the same…. They need a big play to keep up to speed with ChatGTP and Microsoft. Here’s what they are planning. 

Oh NO….Google AI chatbot Bard gets answer wrong in promo video… Not the start they were looking for…

Chat A.I. is not an all seeing Oracle. It’s a language model. It predicts the next string of words after being fed a previous string of words. It doesn’t know anything. But still Google should really have fact checked this promo video – Blushes all round…. and 9% wiped off its stock valuation.

Revitalizing social media with Artifact – A personalized newsfeed that revolutionizes discussions!

Like TikTok but for text. Not exactly the groundbreaking start up I would have expected from the founders of Instagram. And yet, here we are. Think of it like an algorithmic news feed. The longer you spend reading an article the more articles like that you are shown. There are some similar apps in Asia which have gone mainstream. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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