Here’s the skinny on the new Facebook updates

We’re only 30 days into 2023, and Facebook have already released 4 updates to the ad platform. Here’s an overview of all 4 updates and thier impact on you the advertiser. 

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Don’t sleep on Twitter ads… In Elon we trust!

It’s like they read our minds and knew we needed a way to reach those high-intent Twitter users. So, if you’re an advertiser on Twitter, don’t miss out on this opportunity to step up your game and get your message in front of the right people at the right time. 

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Capture email address direct from your Instagram profile

Instagram just added a new ‘Lead Form’ option to your IG business profile CTA buttons, giving you new ways to caputre emails from youor profile. You can now choose between a standard data collection CTA or add custom questions to better understand your followers and gather more information for follow-up and planning. 

It’s time to check your IG CTA options and see how you can use this new feature to your advantage!

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