Want to know the secret to TikTok’s success?

It’s not just the dancing, lip-syncing, and comedic skits- it’s the fact that advertisers can’t get enough of it. Even during a slowdown, ad spending on the platform continues to rise, proving that TikTok is the future of advertising, and you don’t want to miss the train. 

Read this article to find out why TikTok is taking over the ad world and how you can hop on board..

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It’s time to step up the game, Google

Google is feeling the heat from OpenAI’s ChatGPT, because they’re planning to launch over 20 AI products this year, including a demo of their own search chatbot. Looks like they’re finally ready to play with the big dogs. 

But let’s hope they don’t release any AI’s that will try to take over the world…again.

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Hold on to your hats, folks! 

Facebook is changing the game with their latest update to Accounts Center. They’re renaming “people” to “Account Center accounts” in their Ad metrics. But don’t worry, they’re not changing the math, just the name. 

So, don’t panic, just read the blog post and be ahead of the curve.

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