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Get ready for a video extravaganza on Facebook, folks!

The new Video tab is where the action’s at, bringing you the juiciest Reels, long-form videos, and Live content in one go. Plus, you can now watch and comment on Instagram Reels without leaving Facebook, because who has time for app-hopping? Dive into the world of video and let your creativity shine.

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Twitter is falling apart, and advertisers are eyeing Instagram Threads as their new hope.

With over 100 million sign-ups, businesses are excited about the possibility of advertising on Threads, unless it becomes a breeding ground for trolls and fake news, then we’re back to square one.

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From Tweets to defeats! Ad revenue goes Bye-Bye!

Will Musk’s witty tweets and quirky ideas be enough to bring back the advertisers? Or will he have to sell more Tesla shares to cover his 13 billion dollar debt? Stay tuned to this financial rollercoaster!.

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