YouTube is shaking things up with 30-second unskippable ads on connected TVs

Say goodbye to those pesky 15-second consecutive ads and hello to longer, ‘richer storytelling’ that viewers at home will totally love. Plus, YouTube’s AI will help you find the perfect ad format to reach your campaign goals.

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OpenAI just dropped the ChatGPT iOS app, bringing all the AI-powered chatting goodness to your fingertips!

Sync your conversations, talk hands-free with voice input (although it might glitch a bit), and feel fancy with a more user-friendly interface. So, grab your iPhone, download the app, and start chatting like a boss.

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Montana takes a swing at TikTok, becoming the first state to ban the app

The Chinese-owned platform is shaking in its short-video boots as it faces off against cowboys and comedians in a wild showdown. Will Montana’s ban stand up in court? Stay tuned for the TikTok legal showdown!

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