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Want to know what the cool kids are listening to these days?

YouTube’s got you covered with their latest ad offering that targets Gen Z based on the songs they’re vibing to. So, if you want to stay hip and connect with the youths, check out YouTube’s latest ad offering.

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If you advertise on Reddit, these updates will save you time, effort, and a few headaches.

The platform has just dropped a handful of new features for its Ads Manager, including automated ad creation and multi-currency support. Plus, you can now easily find targetable communities and analyze ad activity over a full year.

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Want to enhance your business page visibility, engage your audience, and streamline your hiring process?

LinkedIn has rolled out four new updates for business pages, including scheduling posts up to three months ahead, live audio-only conversations, automatic job posting, and following pages as a page. Don’t miss out on these innovative features that can take your LinkedIn marketing efforts to the next level.

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