iOS 14.5, what’s the story in 2023?

In April 2021, iOS 14.5 had Facebook advertisers running for the hills.


It was deemed the apocalypse for course creators and membership site owners.


So what’s the story in 2023?


The fact is iOS14.5 did have an impact. 


Many campaigns failed to perform as they once did.


Many advertisers also used it as an excuse for poor creative and campaigns. But that’s another issue.


The problem was Facebook couldn’t track users accurately across funnels and devices.


Things have improved steadily since 2021. 


But I think we got the clearest message ever that the impact of iOS14 is behind us.


Facebook is removing Aggregated Event Management. 


This was Facebook’s immediate answer to iOS14.5. 


It asked us to priortize up to 8 events for our campaigns.


With it’s removal it’s clear that Facebook feels they are over iOS14.5.


And that’s certainly what we are seeing in our campaigns.

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