How to Use Reciprocity in Marketing to Grow Your Online Business

How to Use Reciprocity in Marketing to Grow Your Online Business


 Are you leveraging the power of Reciprocity to grow your online business?

If you want to scale your online course or membership fast, weave Reciprocity through the very fabric of your business.  

Here are 5 actionable reciprocity-triggering strategies you can apply immediately.   

  1. Give valuable freebies: High-quality and high-value lead magnets are the #1 way to leverage reciprocity. Remember, high value is not the amount of stuff you give, it is the momentum it helps your audience build. Give them something to get them moving toward their goals.
  1. Make offers after pre-launch content: Warm your audience up by delivering a webinar, multi-part pre-launch workshop, challenge or live event. Deliver value that helps your audience commit to getting a result. Then offer them the vehicle to get the result they want.
  1. Make your students the hero of your stories: Sharing your client’s success stories is a win-win-win. Your client gets recognition. Your audience sees the path ahead. You win because your status as a guide is elevated. It makes your community highly attractive. 
  1. Leverage user-generated content: With Zoom and at your fingertips, it has never been easier to record testimonials. Ask your students where they were before joining, what made them sign up, how their life has changed, and what’s now possible for them.
  1. Ask this question every day: Who can I serve today, and how can help them move one step closer to their goals? This isn’t just about your paid clients. Build a culture of service in your business. Seek out people to help for no other reason than you want to see them succeed.


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