How to Clone Your Best Customers With Facebook Ads

If you’re not using Lookalike audiences in your Facebook ads, you’re leaving easy money table.


If you want to sell your online course or membership profitably…


…here are 5 Lookalike audiences to start using today.


Audience 1: Value-Based Customer Lookalike

These are Grade A audiences. Upload a list of customers with the amounts they have spent and ask Facebook to find more just like them.


Audience 2: All Customer Lookalike 

If you don’t have a value-based list, uploading your entire customer list will get you great results.


Audience 3: Leads Lookalike

This is a Lookalike audience based on everyone who has opted in for any lead magnet.


Audience 4: Social Lookalike

Ask Facebook to find the people that look most like those who have interacted with your Facebook or Instagram profile in the last 180 days.


Audience 5: Pixel Lookalike

This is a Lookalike audience of everyone who has visited your website over the past 60 to 90 days.

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