High-Converting Evergreen Webinar Strategy

Let’s leave the “Live Launch” to one side for a moment.


The first thing I noticed about the ads was how long most of them had been running for.


A couple were published in July 2023 but the majority of ads had been running since Nov 2022.


This is a sign that the ads are killing it.


But my surprise came when I clicked the link in the ad to access the webinar replay.


I was expecting to land on an opt-in or webinar registration page.


But I landed on a sales page with the webinar replay video at the top.


This is a 1h 33m webinar.


Susie has her ads split into top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel.


The top-of-funnel ads drive people to the sales page. 


The ads running from November 22 retarget people who have visited the sales page.


This isn’t for the faint hearted.


Driving cold traffic from Facebook to a $497 offer is HARD.


Don’t even attempt this if the conversion rate for your offer isn’t off the charts.


My guess is the webinar completion rate is low. It’s just the lure people to the page.


You need to have a knock-out offer and killer copy to pull this off.


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