Facebook Ad to Book-a-Call Funnel Using the PAS Framework


When used properly the PAS Framework is as sweet as Luo Han Guo.  

What’s PAS? – Problem Agitate Solution 

And, don’t forget when using PAS in your ads to stick a CTA at the end!

No sour faces here in L.A.U.N.C.H. HQ when we reviewed Taki’s ad copy this week.

Facebook Ad to Book-a-Call Funnel

Identifying problems people are facing isn’t negative or manipulation.

It’s meeting them in their world and showing them you understand.

Being able to put your finger on your audience’s top of mind pain points is a superpower.

As a coach I can either relate to or fear everything in Taki’s opening list.

A ninja trick Taki could use to scale is to draft a unique opening hook for each pain point.

This would give Taki 6 ads from one. Run them head to head and scale the winners.

Ok back to the copy….

People are lazy and they get comfy doing what they’ve always done.

If you want them to take action you can just rely on pointing out their pain points.

That’s where the agitated part comes into play. 

If you don’t solve your problem this is what the future could look like. 

Fans of Tony Robbins will recognize this from his Dickens Process.

Once we have people invested in eliminating their pain points we then show them the solution.

I love how Taki has ™’d The System…. Really, I’d love to see you argue that.

But most people confuse ™ with R. You can stick ™ after anything to make it look important.

And this isn’t an hour long webinar. It’s just 6 minutes. Even better. 

“I’m going to see everything I need to solve all my issues and build an unstoppable coaching business in just 6 minutes. Sign me up….”

As silly as it sounds, this is what people want. So give it to them. 

Make it easy for them to take one step forward.

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