Sell More Digital Products: 5 Strategies for Course Creators

Digital Product Sales: 5 Strategies for Course Creators

Hands up 🙌…if you want to sell more digital products.

Whether you want to reach more people… 

…or scale your sales from 6-7 figures… 

…use this principle to move people to action.

Here are 5 ways to trigger Commitment & Consistency.

  1. Use micro-commitments: People want to remain consistent with their previous decisions. Ask for small commitments before bigger commitments. This is why lead magnets and mini-front-end offers work. Even getting a “yes” when people read your copy is a win. 
  1. Use social proof: Use testimonials, case studies, and success stories to show how others have already committed to your course or membership. This can help to create a sense of validation and encourage others to do the same. Think of it as a domino effect.
  2. Use urgency and scarcity: Offer limited-time bonuses, early birds and limit the number of spots available. It’s all about creating a sense of exclusivity, FOMO and making people commit before they miss out.
  3. Use free trials or money-back guarantees: Nobody likes to take a big risk. A free trial or money-back guarantee reduces the perceived risk of committing to your course or membership and encourages people to give it a try.
  4. Use outcome statements: Communicate how your course or membership aligns with the personal values and goals of your audience. Show them how you will help them achieve their goals. This will make your offer feel consistent with their past decisions and actions.
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