Crafting Compelling Facebook Ads for Your Launch

Crafting Compelling Facebook Ads for Your Launch

Learn how to craft compelling Facebook ads for your launch. and drive success with your advertising campaigns.

Great opening hook from Nathania; it’s short, clear, and concise.


“Imagine standing on your hands, elbows, and head with confidence.”


If you’ve been working on your arm balances and inversion practice… 


…or if you’re a yogi who has stared in awe at the cool kids in the yoga class standing on their hands, elbows, and heads, this hook is going to grab your attention. 


Effective copy is never about the volume of words. It’s about using the fewest “right” words.


But the only way to find the right words is to test.


I selected just a few of the opening hooks Nathania used in this campaign.  


When testing, the changes from control don’t have to be massive. 


The same theme with slightly different words can dramatically impact ad success.


Introducing concepts like “Yogi Flight Method” will increase curiosity and elevate the perceived value of your offer.


A unique mechanism underpins how you can help people get results where others fail.


Testing negative hooks is always a good idea. 


People will do two times more work to avoid pain than gain pleasure. 


I’m a positive guy, but the data tells me that negative hooks often get better results.


The resolution hook is always worth testing.

Right that’s it, this is the year for me, line drawn in the sand, I’m going to do it.

Observations and tests I’d run:

  • When it comes to Facebook ads for your launch, volume wins, and Nathania went all out on this campaign. (I’ve only included a small sample of the ads for the workshop above) The more ads you test, the more likely you will have a winner.
  • In the main ad I’d test moving the registration CTA from the 3rd line to below the 3 bullet points. “Secretly… your handstand and other shapes aren’t about strength…” is an interest builder. If this ad targeted cold audiences, the CTA might have been too early.
  • The text in the ad looks blocky and dense. I’m a big fan of 1 / 2 line paragraphs and adding color to break the copy up. Long sentences are harder to read than short sentences.   

Facebook Ad Swipe Files:


Persuasive Facebook Ad

Persuasive Facebook Ad Journey to a Free Webinar

Persuasive Facebook Ad Journey to a Free Webinar

Persuasive Facebook Ad

Is launching a successful Podcast as easy as 3 Simple Steps?

No, of course, it isn’t, but if most people knew how hard it was, they would never try.

Is Jenna a “bad person” for painting a podcast launch much easier than it is?

No. Not at all. She knows how powerful a podcast can be in driving online business growth.

Her job is to convince as many people as possible to launch a podcast so they can have the same growth she has.

And how do you do that? You make it seem effortless.

You break it down into simple steps and give people what they want: a silver bullet.

Her job is to get people to take just one step. 

One step forward toward their ultimate goal. One step into Jenna’s world.

Because once they are in Jenna’s world, she can help them take the next step.

Create a framework, give people simple steps, and show them the shortcut.

To get them to take their first step, make it feel effortless and guarantee their success.

 Facebook Ads Swipe File


ad to free workshop

Course Creator Strategies – Ad to Free Workshop

Course Creator Strategies – Ad to Free Workshop

ad to free workshop

Sometimes, it’s best just to give people all the information they need to decide up front.


There is an interesting touch here promoting two workshops per day over three days at different times.


This will maximise the number of people attending at least one of the sessions.


However, it may mean that fewer people will attend all three sessions.


I would love to see Marisa’s data on % of attendees who view all three sessions.


I love the simplicity of the ad format:

  • Hook (self-interest – your course sells)
  • Details (it’s convenient)
  • No. 1 reason you should attend
  • What you’ll learn
  • Why you should register now
  • CTA


Oh and just because you’ve delivered the workshops doesn’t mean you have to stop your ads.


The “Access All Areas” pass is a great reason to run ads to your opt-in up to the last day or two of your launch.

ad to free workshop

In fact often, these ads will perform better because of a sense of immediate gratification.

Facebook Ad Swipe Files:

Facebook ad to free webinar

Facebook Ad to Free Webinar – Analyzing a Profitable Strategy

Facebook Ad to Free Webinar – Analyzing a Profitable Strategy

Facebook ad to free webinar

Simple Facebook ad to free webinar format here from Codie. She lets the Creative do the talking.

There’s lots of debate as to whether a native image without any test performs better than an ad style image.

The truth is they both work. And, they can both work even in the same account and the same campaign.

Your job is to test both in every campaign and see which one gets the best results for you.

This image has a massive hook.

Learn how to buy successful businesses with other people’s money.

Oh, my word. While buying a successful business is awesome. 

Buying a successful business with OPM is the ultimate hack.

She then backs this up with some massive social proof…..

Join 20,000+ people.

And our most popular word used in lead gen ads….. FREE.

Facebook Ad to Free Webinar Swipe Files:

Facebook Ad to Book-a-Call Funnel

Facebook Ad to Book-a-Call Funnel Using the PAS Framework

Facebook Ad to Book-a-Call Funnel Using the PAS Framework


When used properly the PAS Framework is as sweet as Luo Han Guo.  

What’s PAS? – Problem Agitate Solution 

And, don’t forget when using PAS in your ads to stick a CTA at the end!

No sour faces here in L.A.U.N.C.H. HQ when we reviewed Taki’s ad copy this week.

Facebook Ad to Book-a-Call Funnel

Identifying problems people are facing isn’t negative or manipulation.

It’s meeting them in their world and showing them you understand.

Being able to put your finger on your audience’s top of mind pain points is a superpower.

As a coach I can either relate to or fear everything in Taki’s opening list.

A ninja trick Taki could use to scale is to draft a unique opening hook for each pain point.

This would give Taki 6 ads from one. Run them head to head and scale the winners.

Ok back to the copy….

People are lazy and they get comfy doing what they’ve always done.

If you want them to take action you can just rely on pointing out their pain points.

That’s where the agitated part comes into play. 

If you don’t solve your problem this is what the future could look like. 

Fans of Tony Robbins will recognize this from his Dickens Process.

Once we have people invested in eliminating their pain points we then show them the solution.

I love how Taki has ™’d The System…. Really, I’d love to see you argue that.

But most people confuse ™ with R. You can stick ™ after anything to make it look important.

And this isn’t an hour long webinar. It’s just 6 minutes. Even better. 

“I’m going to see everything I need to solve all my issues and build an unstoppable coaching business in just 6 minutes. Sign me up….”

As silly as it sounds, this is what people want. So give it to them. 

Make it easy for them to take one step forward.

Facebook Ad to Book-a-Call Swipe Files:

Masterclass Facebook Ad Strategy

Masterclass Facebook Ad Strategy Unveiled

Masterclass Facebook Ad Strategy Unveiled

Do yourself a favor. 

Hop on over to the Meta Ad Library and check out Amy’s recent ads. 

It’s awesome to see the big names go all out with their ad campaigns.

But here is one in particular that caught my attention for.

This ad is prompting Amy’s free Masterclass which was scheduled directly after the pre-launch Bootcamp.

Masterclass Facebook Ad Strategy

The opening hook straight away starts answering objections to launching a course:

  • Easy
  • Low-stress
  • Without big budget
  • Without big team

This is a great way to grab attention.

Then Amy goes into the big questions that people ask when considering creating a course…

(and if you don’t have real questions check out the A.I. Prompt above!)

“How will I find the people who need this course?”

“What if the tech is over my head?”

“What happens if I go through all of the trouble of creating a digital course, but no one even wants it?!” 

Then the resolution:

  • Not alone will I answer the question I’ll give you a NO-FAIL PLAN.

I now push all my clients to develop a workbook or guide to support their live launches.

This satiates people’s need for immediate gratification. 

People don’t like delaying the dopamine hit. 

This gives them something to hang their hopes on while they wait for the live element.

Masterclass Facebook Ads Swipe File:

Launch Facebook Ads

A.I.D.A. Framework: Persuasive Launch Facebook Ads Swipe File

A.I.D.A. Framework: Persuasive Launch Facebook Ads Swipe File

Facebook Ad to Lead Magnet Opt-in 

Launch Facebook Ads

Facebook Ad to Challenge Opt-in


Notice how both Launch Facebook Ads open with a question.  In A.I.D.A. framework, asking a question is one of the best ways to capture people’s attention.

Marisa leads with the problem and instantly positions who should pay attention to the ad.

In both cases, she establishes authority and credibility. 

But remember you will always be best served when your authority is based around the results you have helped others achieve.

I love the bullet points in the challenge ad.

Get out of overwhelm, stop procrastinating, and find the perfect course idea that’s right for you.

Launch Facebook Ads Swipe Files:


How to Get High-Quality Leads on Facebook

How to Get High-Quality Leads on Facebook

One of the biggest names in the game is winding up for a big launch.

From the 17th to 31 August, Jeff Walker will deliver his hotly anticipated PLF Launch.

More on that below, but a key topic Jeff will address during his launch is A.I.

And, more specifically, how to leverage A.I. for bigger, easier, and more profitable launches.

So from the end of July, Jeff has been running lead generation ads for his A.I. Launch Playbook.

This is a genius move. Driving registration for a launch too far in advance is pointless.

However, filling your list with people who are interested in a topic that you are going to focus on during your launch is a win-win.

Jeff gets low-cost, high-quality leads on Facebook that are aligned with his launch and time to build trust.

The leads get immediate gratification for a top-of-mind problem and will be brought even deeper during the launch.

Let’s dive into the ads:

Leads on Facebook

The allure of A.I. is dominating the headspace of online entrepreneurs all over the world.


When there is a wave in your industry, you best ride it.


The opening hook of the ad works because there is so much awareness and hype around A.I.


“Get my BEST AI prompts, shortcuts, & strategies…


… to launch & scale your business here:”


I like getting a link to the opt-in page early in the ad. 


I have found that ads with medium-length copy outperform short-form ads.


However, there are lots of people who won’t read longer form copy.


Putting your link high in the ad gives you the best of both worlds. 


You get an early CTA but provide additional information to convince people who need that little bit more.

One of the keys to writing engaging copy is making your sentences short.


When I can’t make a sentence less than 1 line, I love using “…” to break the sentence into two parts.


This approach is overused in this ad. The continuous use makes the copy hard to read.


Swipe File:


Mastering Facebook Ads for Mini-Product Success

Mastering Facebook Ads for Mini-Product Success

Here at are L.A.U.N.C.H. we love mini-products.


They are the number one way to attract high-quality, purchase-qualified, clients into your world.


Our favorite model is Paid Ad > Lead Magnet > Mini-Product Upsell.


The old-school way was Paid Ad > Mini-Product.


The challenge with the old-school model is you only have a single shot at making the sale.


With the Lead Magnet up front, you capture emails for up to 60% – 70% of opt-in page visitors.


Your mini-product is offered to everyone who opts in. 


And, because you have their email, you can send a 5/7 part email follow-up sales sequence.


Sure, you can sell directly from the ad, but it’s playing the game on hard mode.


And, with the rising cost of ads, we need to adapt our approach.


So what does the game look like on hard mode?


Let’s take a look at a Facebook ad driving people directly to a $47 mini-product.

Facebook Ads for Mini-Product

I love how clear the primary promise of the ad is. 


For anyone who’s never tried, (or can’t remember) learning the guitar, the early days are excruciating.


All you want is to be able to move fast and for the chords to sound clear.


Everyone tells you that practice is key, but very few people tell you how to practice.


The opening line is a catcall to anyone struggling to learn the guitar.


Next, we see a “before-after bridge”. 


Here are all the negative things you’re currently experiencing……


And once you “take the challenge,” here are all the great things you’ll experience.


I like the use of the open loop – And that’s just in 11 of the 14 lessons. 


So what’s in the other 3 lessons? This will build curiosity and memorability.


The ad is then wrapped up with a 300% money-back guarantee.


Remember, the objective of the ad is to get people to the sales page, not to sell the product.


This is a beautiful ad template you can easily swipe and recreate in your ad campaigns.


Swipe File: