Boost Your Launch Success: Strategies for Effective Facebook Ads

Let’s look at a Facebook ad from Tracy Harris from her recent live launch.


As long as the target audience know Tracy the opening hook of “You don’t want to miss this!” will trigger urgency and FOMO.


However it wouldn’t be as powerful to a cold audience.


With a solid primary promise, you don’t need a complex explanation – 3 proven secrets for turning Instagram followers into paying customers.


This is the main hook of the ad and it works a treat.


Then we move all the way down to the headline.


[FREE] is proven to convert. 


If you are offering a lead magnet, webinar, or launch workshop, always include at least one headline option with [FREE]. 


I’d bet good money it will outperform other similar headlines without it.


And, don’t just stop with your headline test it out in your body copy and image too.

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