Boost Online Sales: Unveiling Sales Page Optimization

Section 1 – Objection Crushing


It’s customary for bonuses to be listed close to the offer stack and price reveal 75% of the way down the offer page. Screenshot 1 above is just below the hero section. This is telling me that two of the biggest objections to people joining UPW are 1) I don’t have the money, 2) I don’t have the confidence to implement what I will learn. Think about what objections you need to address to get people to read on and pay attention to what you have to offer. If you are sure of your data, you can answer them early, and by doing so you will keep them on the offer page for longer.

Section 2 – Program At A Glance


I especially love the one-line overview of each day. It tells you exactly what to expect for each day. – Create your breakthrough, Leverage the power of momentum, Create lasting transformation, and Embrace your new future. It feels like a well throughout journey. And this is exactly what it should feel like. This is for a live event. How can you do this for each module of your course or success path stage for your membership?

Section 3 – Next Level Proof + Social Proof


Ok…Ok…Not everyone can have Stanford University study and analyze participants at their events. This is a massive flex by Tony. However, stats, studies, and findings provoke interest. Find evidence that backs up your claims. Facts make your content stickier. It draws people into your content. Plus, you will get the social proof boost of including a logo and name of a well-known university or source on your sales page. Even if they have no connection with your course or membership, you will benefit from the halo effect.

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